Waking Up Well

When you first awake - before you reach for your phone/device (except to turn off the alarm), allow your first intention of the day to be spacious. Peacefully locate yourself there; feel the sheets, the pillow, the air on your face. Prop up your head, roll onto your back, and gently stretch out your limbs into the corpse pose. Relax and enjoy this brief, peaceful refuge before you jump into the daily grind. 

Do a few deep belly breaths: Slowly breathe in through your nostrils, mindful of your diaphragm pressing down and your belly rising. When your lungs are full, gently lock it, and hold it for a count of 3. Slowly exhale through your mouth until your lungs are emptied or until you reflexively draw the next breath in.

Then, over the next two minutes, see how few breaths you can comfortably take. The intention is to fully fill your lungs and body with fresh air. Very slowly breath in until your lungs are completely full, then sip in some more air, again; then hold it in, slowly counting until you want to exhale. Slowly release all the air in your lungs and when empty count a few seconds before drawing in the life-affirming oxygen that sustains you.

As you work the air into and out of your lungs, bring to mind something you appreciate about someone, something you're happy about in the world, and something you're proud of about yourself. Gratitude heals us.

And as you bring air deep into your lungs, imagine it flooding into your extremities; stretch your feet, legs, arms, hands, neck... feel your whole body waking up.

Pause and dignify this moment of caring for yourself.

Finally, when/if you do reach for your device, before checking messages, write a memo of the things that have come to mind, even if it's mainly a to-do list. 

Ok, time to get up. Enjoy your day!